NCR Tellerscan TS 230

19 07 2010

 Tellerscan TS230 The Tellerscan TS230 scanners are used by major US banks everyday due the advanced design and fast, quite and reliable operation.  The TS230-35 and TS230-65 are ideal for teller windows and corporate environments that need to process deposits throughout the day or in a narrow timeframe.   For high volume environments the faster TS230-100, at 100 items per minute, is ideal for the commercial window of banks, the back counter of small branches, or for corporate capture.  

With a footprint of just 5” x 8 1/2”, the TS230’s space saving design is one of the smallest scanners in the industry.  Despite the small size the TS230’s two cameras create extremely sharp 200dpi images that are then processed to create the final image.   Advanced image thresholding, analyzes each item individually to maximize image quality and resulting CAR/LAR recognition and minimize user intervention resulting from poor image quality.  These features combined with the jam resistant feeder and sophisticated double feed detection system makes TS230 scanners ideal for teller operation. 



  • Two high-performance models with unique, continuous feeder and high-duty cycles
  • TellerScan 230-35 up to 35 documents/minute
  • TellerScan 230-65 up to 65 documents/minute
  • TellerScan 230-100 up to 100 documents/minute
  • Ergonomic design
  • Industry leader in image quality for highest CAR, IQA, and ICR rates
  • Upstream endorsement facilitates Check 21 image exchange

Programmable, single line inkjet printer with • user replaceable HP C6602A ink cartridge

Image Resolution
Optical: 200 x 200dpi – 8bit grayscale,
• 200 x 200dpi – 24bit color
Software scaling: 100 x 100 (scan at 200dpi • and scaling down to 100)




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